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Hair Growth Tonic

Natural Hair Growth Tonic keeps your scalp healthy, promotes cell turnover, faster hair growth, circulates blood flow while nourishing your hair strands with moisture, antioxidants and Essential Oils resulting in strong, shiny, healthy hair. Non-oily and refreshing.

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Tally Hgwey
Amazing absorption!!

This smells wonderful and leaves my hair moisturized and defined. I love how it absorbs into my hair and on my scalp for when I have braids. You’ll be really happy you bought this, every time you use it!!

Great Products

Shandina hair growth tonic helped my thinning hair to fuller and healthier hair , but most of all I got my confidence back thanks shandina. Highly recommended this product.

Jaleesa Sinclair
Hidden Miracle !!!!!!

"Absolutely underrated diamond of a product. Tried it and now I can't go back to anything else! I can't describe how much of a clear difference this makes.

My hair is extreme coils and curls that stick to my scalp and I have never attained real moisture until using these products.

The prices are absolutely reasonable as I know buying a whole routine from other companies and supply stores cost much more and require a long winded routine.

These products are consistent, smell wonderful, provide real hydration , no heavy feeling , no build up , actually natural, helps to promote real hair growth!!!

And as an addition they have informative blogs that make sense and work to also guide your hair journey as it's not just outside but in.

My hair is growing and now I have a real moist afro, my tiny coils stretch and show visable change and give me the ability to maintain moisture.

I absolutely adore the owner and now I am definitely hooked!

100/100 , a real hidden gem that is a positive and useful investment for the real health or your hair."

Love this product

I have locs in my head and I love how your hair growth tonic penetrates my hair shaft and my scalp. No residue at all . My locs feels so amazing and smells so good. My scalp is very happy.

1. Ingredients


Rose Extract, Carrot Juice, Green Tea, Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Capu butter

2. Recommended usage

How to use

Once a day

3. Benefits

Promotes hair growth, repairs, and thickens hair

4.Suited For

Thinning hair

5.Special Features

Grow hair 2 times faster


Apply dime size, massage into scalp for 1-3 mins, leave in style as desired

Hair Growth Tonic
Hair Growth Tonic
Hair Growth Tonic
Hair Growth Tonic


This hair mask make my hair so so soft, stronger, and feel so hydrated it was worth the price. I highly recommend this product don’t wait its worth the buy !

Stacey T

Love This Product

This product brought back my edges and starting to make my hair fuller and thicker all around . I have been using this product for 3 week’s now an i am in love 😍 with my result’s thank you Shandina My hair is much fuller, and thicker . I highly recommend this product .

Tanesha P

I suffer with dry scalp , Shandina Organic Yucca Nourishing shampoo cleanse, and clean my scalp and hair , i love a shampoo that cleanse my scalp and my hair without stripping it off all the moisture. Shandina shampoo left my hair feeling hydrating, stronger and healthier .

Layla D

I love Shandina Cactus and Hemp seed oil styling gel, it defines , hydrates my curls for days, and grows my hair did I mention the shine i love a gel that gives me definition and shine this gel is a keeper . I also use it as a hydrating serum on my face before bed , my skin is more hydrated , tighter , and my dark spot are diminishing highly recommend this styling gel.

Gloria I

I used Shandina Cupuacu Butter on my hair and skin and i am loving the results that i am seeing in such a short time, most off all it heals my daughter eczema on her leg and her arm, I have used and bought so many products to help with my daughter eczema and none works as well and fast like Shandina Cupuacu Butter, thank you Shandina , give it a try you won’t regret !

Shelly I