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Flexi Gel

Papaya, Aloe Vera, and Sea Moss styling gel nourishes and moisturizes while delivering exceptional hold to curls. Tames frizz and can promote hair growth by minimizing breakage and damage to hair.

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    1. Ingredients


    Berries, Fruits, and Vegetables

    2.Recommended Usage

    Once a day


    Helps with hair, skin, and overall health. Helps with lowering blood pressure,e.t.c

    4. Suited For

    Hair, skin, overall health

    5. Special Features

    Experience the transformative power of these skincare essentials and embrace your natural beauty with confidence.

    6. Instructions

    Apply to damp towel dried hair, rake through and style as desired. Can be used on dry hair for sleek hair syles

    Flexi Gel
    Flexi Gel