Our Story


We are committed to developing hair products that are hand crafted for ALL hair types and deliver great results. Our products are created with natural ingredients that allow your hair to grow thicker, healthier , and become more manageable.

Hi My name is Stacy Irving, and I am the CEO and founder of Shandina Organic Hair Care. I was born in Kingston Jamaica and migrated to Canada when I was 8 years old. The reason why I wanted to make my own hair care line was because of my own hair issues, and the issues other women around me were having with their hair as well. Some of our issues were hair loss, dry & brittle hair, and lack of hair growth. This encouraged me to start researching different herbs and oils that could help with hair loss and promote hair growth, while keeping it well moisturized in order to help myself and others. With my determination to help people with their hair journey, I started experimenting with different combinations of herbs and oils until I came up with the right formula that would work with ALL hair types and fix many of the hair problems I know people are having today. The upcoming of Shandina Organic Hair Care line started in 2017. At that time I was taking classes on opening a business, getting educated on hair products and organic materials and enrich hair quality. I had some problems at first but I never stopped trying, I alway went back to the drawing board until I finally found what worked. It is now 2020, and I am confident I have found the perfect formulas for each of my products to help people with their hair journey. I started using them on myself and I got impeccable results. Now I believe I am ready to share with the world my new collection of hair products that grows, thickens , nourishes, and repairs hair fibres while strengthening your hair at the same time .