Our Story


We are committed to developing hair products that are hand crafted for ALL hair types and deliver great results. Our products are created with natural ingredients that allow your hair to grow thicker, healthier , and become more manageable.

Picture this: a young girl, born beneath the warm embrace of Jamaica's sun, whose journey led her to the vibrant streets of Canada at just eight years old. That girl was me, and little did I know, my path would be lined with twists, turns, and a few unexpected hairpin bends. 

Fashion school became my playground, where creativity collided with deadlines, and stress played tug-of-war with my tresses. As the pressures mounted, so did my hair issues—thinning locks, receding edges, you name it. And guess what? I wasn't alone. Women around me were facing the same battles: hair loss, brittle strands, and dreams of longer locks dashed by reality. 

But amidst the chaos, a spark ignited. Determined to reclaim my mane and uplift others along the way, I dove headfirst into research. Herbs, oils, and the wisdom of generations past became my allies in the fight for healthier, happier hair.

 From this whirlwind of trial and error emerged something beautiful—a hair care line crafted with love and rooted in resilience. So here's to my journey, from Kingston to Canada, from setbacks to strength. It's a story of triumph, of embracing every twist and turn, and of finding beauty in the unexpected. Welcome to the adventure that is my life—mane and all!