5 Benefits Why You Should Pre-Poo Your Natural Hair

5 Benefits Why You Should Pre-Poo Your Natural Hair

When you pre-poo natural hair, you’re pulling out all the stops to nourish your tresses. The best way to think of it is as a protective shield during the shampoo process. Since some formulas can be harsh on your locks and strip them of
moisture, this is one perk that any natural hair gal can appreciate. A simple pre-poo can add hydration to thirsty locks and give your hair additional slip to help detangle. This trendy treatment can soften and repair your strands for better manageability and help you leave knots and tangles behind. It can also protect your locks from breakage and aid in length-retention.

1. Fights Breakage

Pre-pooing can help add the extra strength your hair is lacking. Avocado, coconut ,almond oil, and SOHC Moringa, Amla Pre-Poo help to strengthen strands alleviating excessive breakage.

2. Adds Protein

If your hair has been lacking protein lately a pre-poo will definitely help. Protein treatments help to not only add protein to your hair but also improve elasticity, and reconstruct the hair structure. Olive oil, mayonnaise and honey are a few ingredients to add to your pre-poo protein treatment for optimal results.

3. Improves Manageability

A pre-poo treatment helps soften the hair for better manageability. When the hair is more manageable, there is less chance of breakage when styling. And when you experience less breakage, you will see much more length retention Be sure to shampoo and condition with Shandina Nourishing Sulfate Free Shampoo and Our Revitalizing Conditioner after you rinse out your pre-poo.

4. Adds Shine

It is no secret that curly hair can lack shine. The natural oils our hair produces can take a longer time to travel down curly hair strands than straight hair causing natural hair to be more prone to dryness. Pre-poo treatments can help add moisture and shine to dry tendrils. Treatments that contain coconut oil are perfect for this because coconut oil is able to deeply penetrate the hair shaft locking in much needed moisture.

5. Detangles

One of the main reasons why wash day is dreaded so much is often due to the detangling process. The tighter our coils or kinks, the friendlier they are with one another. So, yes, detangling can be a process. Adding a pre-poo treatment to your hair gives you the slip you need to gently remove any tangles and knots before dipping your head under the water for your shampoo.

What is your favorite pre-poo?